Shanghai Zhenghong Laminated Fabric Co., Ltd. is located in Pudong new district of Shanghai city, is only 2km away from the south exit of outer-cycle-road of Shanghai. Equipped with the latest computer-controlled lamination apparatus, we are a specialized manufacturer of laminated PTFE, TPU, PU waterproof and moisture-permeable films. Now, all our products have the certificates of ITS and SGS.
We now have the latest lamination technologies, and invite and hire experts from Taiwan, Korea and Japan as technical consultants and brain trust. With their help and supports to offer our company the latest information, we are able to produce the most leading products.
Because of special lamination methods, we are able to keep the waterproof, moisture permeable, windproof and warm function of PTFE and TPU films as much as possible. Our laminated products own soft touch, high peel strength, good washing fastness, high performance in low temperature and steady quality. Their products can discharge sweat quickly, and own the waterproof, windproof and warm functions at the same time; they can offer comfortable and beautiful wearing feeling.
At present, we mainly produce all kinds of multifunctional fabrics of high-end clothing (super water repellency, high moisture permeability and good resistance to winkle and mildew), etc. These fabrics are the good materials of working uniforms, sportswear, casual clothing, Trench coat and outdoor tents, etc. According to customers' demands, we can produce all kinds of antibacterial fabrics by adding physical antibacterial agents; these antibacterial fabrics can be used in underwear, clothing and bed covers of military and hospitals. We also can produce special purposed fabrics to customers with special requirements.
Our products are widely used in high-end outdoor clothing, sporting goods, military clothing, aerospace, aviation, medical field, fire protection, etc..
Now, our waterproof and moisture-permeable fabrics are highly appraised by our customers in EU, USA and Japan for excellent functions, green and environment-friendly characteristics.
Taking "mutual benefits" as tenet, we are not only striving to offer you excellent waterproof and moisture-permeable materials, but also striving to offer you excellent service and supports! For more details about our waterproof and moisture-permeable materials, please contact us; we will replay you as soon as possible!
We sincerely welcome your business and visit!


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